What an awesome day! – Kickstarter update #1

What an exciting day! After launching our Kickstarter campaign for the Bios Incube yesterday, we´ve managed to make over $24,000 in pledges, which is nearly a third of our overall goal. We want to thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality, and who continues to support us in our endeavors to change the world.

Alongside support from our wonderful community, we´ve also been featured on some great websites, like Gizmag, Business Insider, Science Alert, Gadgetify, Connected Crib, Xataka, and more.

We created the Bios Incube after talking with our customers over the past few years, and finding two very interesting things, 1. many people had problems choosing a place to plant the Bios Urn, but loved the idea, 2. many people wanted to take care and nurture their tree and ensure it´s growth, but weren´t able due to land restrictions. When growing a tree from a seed, the first months are the most important, and we wanted to make this part easier, and more hands-on for those involved. We added technology, so that people could stay up to date on growth conditions, even if they don´t necessarily have a ¨green thumb.¨

We launched our crowdfunding campaign on March 7th, and it will be live on Kickstarter until April 7th. The Bios Incube can be purchased for $350 and it includes a FREE Bios Urn, or you can also purchase a Bios Urn for a special reduced Kickstarter price of $120. There are also other reward packages available to all backer tiers. Check out our Kickstarter for more information on how to become a backer.

Again, we are SO humbled by the outpouring of support and love we have received and continue to receive on a daily basis. Thank you for being part of the #lifeafterlife movement.

Here´s to the dreamers, and the believers.

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