What type of tree would you be?

When we are born, we don’t have the opportunity to decide what kind of person we want to be. Maybe you want to be a man or a woman, blond or brown, smart or rude, but always genetic decides for us. I spent the last days looking around me deciding which trees my family and friends are likely to be.

My dad – like the majority of our fathers – is a strong man, one of those people whose motto is “never give up”. He will definitely be an oak. My mum is such a generous person that she could be nothing else than a fruit tree. A cherry tree I would say.

What about my friends? Well, I would transform the bitchy one (we all have one) in a cactus. Then, the depressed one in a weeping willow. Finally, the smiling one in a palm tree on a desert island.

On my side, I am dreaming about being an apricot tree like the one I had in my garden when I was a kid. The apricot in flower represents for me the arrival of the spring. Plus, I used to climb the one that was in my garden and from up there I overlooked the entire world.

There are many choices, you can be tall as a pine or elegant as a japanese maple. So, the question is… and you, what type of tree would you be?



  1. I love ALL trees and hug them frequently. Lols!
    (and talk to them too. They listen) The natives called trees; The Standing People and I believe it.

  2. How much ashes can fit in a container? (urn) I’m 112 lbs 5feet 1/2 inches. Do these urns expire? How fast does the seed grows? When do we plant the urn? (when the plants starts to grow? or once is big enough to make sure it will not die)

    • Hello Rebecca,

      The Bios Urn doesn’t have expiration date, so you can keep it stored for as long as you want.
      To use a Bios Urn we recommend to plant it with a native seed from the area where you want to plant it. Also, you have to choose the appropriate time or season to do the planting. Those two conditions will help on the tree growth and will affect the growth time, which will be different according to the specimen planted.

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