“Skeleton Flowers” Become Transparent When It Rains



The Diphelleia grayi or “Skeleton Flower” is am added beauty to witness on rainy days. When exposed to water, this rare and peculiar flower completely transforms into a translucent form [its skeletal form]. As a result of the exposure, its once white petals become completely clear, then transform back to their original milky white color once dry.

The ¨Skeleton Flower¨ is found in only three locations in the world. The flower is known to grow in colder areas of China and Japan, and in the United States’ Appalachian Mountains. The flower has large leaves with bright green and yellow centers.
The Skeleton Flower is a deciduous perennial which dies in winter. Its optimal bloom time is May to July. The flowers are so thing and fragile, that the moisture causes this strange transluscent effect. In most cases, caring for skeleton flower plants is low maintenance.



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