Planting trees, Growing trees, and Tree T´s. – Kickstarter update #7

Hello to our Bios community!

We have completed planting over 326 trees. We are working to bring you a video of us planting them, because we really want to share this beautiful experience with you, and show you what you helped create and what you gave life to.

Over the past few weeks we have sent our email surveys for T-Shirt Sizes and choices. Everyone who pledged to receive a T-Shirt should have received this email. Please respond as soon as possible, so we can get your awesome T-Shirts to you! To those who have responded, we have begun creating them, and will be shipping them out to you ASAP.

The Bios Incube is working great. We´ve added some improvements to the hardware and to the sensor, and have been testing it on two additional tree seeds. We are successfully growing some beautiful Oak Trees in our offices. It´s really exciting.


Aside from sensor and software developments, we are also excited to be producing all of the molds for the Bios Incube. We are working all of the details to perfection.

We will keep you posted as we progress. Please message us or email our team at if you have any questions, or if you need to update your email preferences for our survey.

With love from a bunch of treehuggers,

The Bios team


    • Hello Tom, thank you. We posted some seedlings, and the rest were planted in seed form. We used native tree species to the areas we planted them in. It was not done over the course of one day, it took a few weeks for us to complete!

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