Philippa´s Husband’s Bios Urn Tree Nearly 2 Years On

Do you remember reading Philippa´s Bios Urn tree story? It was one of the very first testimonials we shared on our website and we remember being so touched by it and the beautiful farm that Philippa and her family live on in Australia.  She kindly shared it with us through our client, Soul Trees in Victoria, Australia.

Let us refresh your memory…

An innocent conversation between a husband and wife

This story was especially touching because it all started with an innocent conversation between a husband and wife.

Mark said to his wife Philippa one day: “I know what I want to happen to my body if I die”.

She replied, “Well, you’re not going to die”.

He said, “I know, but I heard an amazing thing on the radio today. IF I were to die, then I want my ashes to be put in a biodegradable urn with a gum tree planted in it.” He then pointed out the window to a place on their farm in Australia and said, “I want the biggest, strongest gum tree planted there so I can look out over my farm”.

Philippa replied, “OK, you’re not going to die, but thanks for telling me, I’ll keep it in mind”.

How was she to know that less than one month later, her dear husband would pass away? Philippa shared this unique conversation, which seemingly gave her the idea of using a Bios Urn®, and the comfort in knowing she had fulfilled her husband’s wishes.

It’s truly amazing how the power of voicing your thoughts and desires with pre-planning, can make them come true.

Bios Urn Blog: My Bios Urn story by Philippa

The day the family planted their Bios Urn tree. Image rights:

Mark´s Bios Urn tree is thriving

Nearly two years on, and Philippa has shared photos of the gumtree planted with a Bios Urn® in memory of Mark.

The tree has grown beautifully. “Mark’s tree is growing really well. We watered it over summer. We put a plaque into a rock at the base of the tree on the second year anniversary. We miss him every day, but love watching his tree grow.”

Bios Urn Blog: My Bios Urn story by Philippa

The Bios Urn tree nearly two years later. It has grown so much! Image rights:

We can´t wait to see it in another two years time.

You can read Philippa´s full testimonial here.

Each planting of a Bios Urn® is unique

Each planting, each location, is specific to the individual and family, and no two Bios Urns® in the world are the same. That’s the beauty of these real-life stories, there is a sense of autonomy and choice. Dealing with loss is always hard, and tends to send life in an unknown and often confusing direction.

One thing we believe at Bios, is that people see the beauty of life expressed in nature, and in trees. How we connect with these cycles and these stages is personal into and of itself, but the important thing is that we all connect. Like Philippa’s own Bios Urn tree story. Our only hope is to provide comfort and a positive alternative to those who have experienced loss, and to provide a voice for those willing to share their unique stories.


Bios Urn Blog: My Bios Urn story by Philippa

The plaque the family placed into a rock at the base of the tree on the second year anniversary. Image rights:

Has Philippa’s Bios Urn tree story impacted you in any way? Or maybe you have your own Bios story to tell? Let us know in the Comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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