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FAQ for funeral homes

referral program

How does the referral program work?

It is really simple, all you need to do is sign up with your e-mail and share your unique link with other companies who might be interested in our products. For every referred company who signs up, you will receive a reward.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No, it is totally free.

How do I get my products?

Really simple too, once you place your order the proper reward will be attributed to you.


Which is the Bios Incube pack price?

Each Bios Incube starts at a price of $450 for distributores. Shipping not included.

For retailers, such as funeral homes and crematoriums, the minimum order is 2 units. For wholesalers the minimum order is 4 units.

Which is the Bios Incube recommended MSRP ?

Our MSRP ( manufacturer suggested retail price ) for the Bios Incube is $795 to $1200. Shipping not included.


What is the Bios incube?

The Bios Incube dramatically improves the most important aspects of the Bios experience. It is the first system created that lets you plant your Bios Urn close to you, and combines the insights of tree growth with data from its environment. Depending on the type of tree, the Bios Incube will water it accordingly.


How does the Bios Incube work?

Bios Incube offers two different modes, you can use it as a self watering system or you can use it as a smart device. You can check our instructional video.


Has the Bios Incube been tested?

Yes, our company launched the Bios Incube in Kickstarter on March 2016. We’ve worked hard along our backers to make sure the product works fine and is ready for distributors.

What about warranty?

Bios Urn offers a six months full coverage warranty. In case on of your customers has a problem with the product, our dev-team will help the customer with the best assistance possible.


When the Bios Incube will be ready?

We plan to start selling the product to distributors on January 2018. Until then, our referral program will help you reserve stock and ear free product.

How many units will be available?

Since it will be our first sale to distributors, we don’t plan to offer more than 500 units.

By signing up to this referral program, you will make sure you save on of those units.

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