The Bios Urn: creating new life after death

Do you want your to feed the squirrels, or help surrounding wildlife? Did you know that trees not only help surrounding environments, but they also help maintain the equilibrium of local ecology and wildlife?

Once your beloved has departed and the only memento that remains is ashes, you can throw them into the sea, keep them in your home, or scatter them from in a special spot… and they will vanish. You can also plant them in the Bios Urn and  use them to grow a beautiful tree.  The tree will survive throughout generations. Sons and grandsons will see the tree that once was the seed of his ancestors. And that tree will also have its own descendants, new young trees. That’s quite a reincarnation, an allegory of the circle of life.

Even the most beautiful tombstone that makes you shed a tear, will be a cold and sterile work of art. Even the most twisted tree is a unique and alive work of art. In fact, if we think in the current funerary art it may seem an industrialized kind of art, homogeneous – only the wealthy ones can afford the gap and break the uniformity. Instead, the tree is a work-in-progress, you will see it grow, you will see it change with the passing of seasons… And that won’t depend on your economic resources, but your caring and dedication, until that will become a strong tree and it will give shelter to small and tiny beings.

Can you picture yourself in your favourite spot in the forest, in the park or in the garden? And could you imagine the same in the cemetery?

Life creates life.


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