Pre-planting: The importance of end-of-life planning

Pre-planning, or as we like to call it “Pre-planting” Over the past decade, there has been an increase in overall awareness related to alternative endings. People´s desires and last wishes have changed, and many individuals and families are opting for sustainable options – which is making many cemeteries rethink things. Alongside these changes, there has […]

Let’s talk about copycats

Dear customers, distributors, retailers, twitter followers, facebook fans, instagram friends, blog readers and lovely strangers who surf the web, Today is Friday, December 2nd, and it is 8pm. Like most Fridays we are still working at Bios Urn headquarters. The reason why we are writing this blog post is not to announce a new product […]

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We like to think of Bios Urn as a company and product that was born out of the internet. Find us on our social networks, and follow us.We will share stories about life, nature, and everything that is connected to these themes. We are also active on Pinterest, and Tumblr! Click the following buttons to […]


How does a city look like? Considering that half of the world population lives in urban centers, we will reasonably think at a city as an overcrowded and polluted space dominated by a grey sky. However, if you look better around you, you may see a yellow wheatfield. At least this is what happened in […]

Oxygen, the secret formula for human life

When I started writing this post, I did what everybody usually does when looking for information: I typed my key word “oxygen” in Google. I expected to find images of trees and forests but the result that caught my attention was quite unexpected. An astronaut was greeting me saying: “Oxygen is a big deal”. Clicking […]

Pollution is a big problem for everyone

8.9 Million people are killed a year from pollution Diseases like ebola, HIV, and malaria rightly get a lot of a headlines, because they can kill millions of people very quickly. But there’s another problem that affects even more people, and it’s not mentioned as much: pollution. In all, pollution kills 8.9 million people a […]