The Bios Incube´s Sensor Features

Hello to our entire community!

We just wanted to give you an update on the Bios Incube. All is progressing very well, and we are on time to meet our March/April deadline.

How are things going with us? We have been testing the Incube and making all necessary changes to the sensor and watering system. So far, we are happy with how things are moving a long and we hope you will be, too.

Our sensor is undergoing sophisticated design changes and we are testing all our units to ensure they work perfectly, and deliver what we promised.

The improvements we are now testing to make Bios Incube better are:

– Wifi connectivity. We are testing range and power of our fractal wifi antenna at 2.5ghz
– Assembly. Minor changes are being applied to soft parts like rubber joints to make sure our product meets the highest standard for dust and water protection
– Stress tests. Final part of performance in extreme himidity and temperature conditions

Here are some things the sensor will be capable of doing:

Analyze soil data: The Bios Incube is equipped with a soil moisture and conductivity sensor, making it able to analyze the amount of fertilizer present in the soil, and measures the temperature of the surrounding soil to ensure optimal conditions for your tree.

Assess environmental info: Air temperature and humidity sensors will be able to examine the temperature and humidity of your surroundings to ensure optimal environmental conditions.

Offer growth insights: The sensor is constantly being updated on the growth conditions and status of your seeds or tree. The Bios Incube will work to combine all the collected data from its sensors and takes on an active role in watering and maintaining your tree.

Autonomously water your tree: The irrigation system in the Bios Incube is designed to distribute water homogenously around the seed, and support cultivation requirements. It will automatically water your tree for up to three weeks.

– The Bios Team

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