Bios Incube Is The First Incubator Designed to Grow Ashes Into Tree


The original Bios Incube® is not currently available. We now offer the much more economical Bios Incube® Lite. It does not include the sensor and therefore any of the technological aspects, nor does it water autonomously, however it enables you to plant your Bios Urn® close to you, whether that be in your home, on your terrace or in your garden. More information here.


Bios Incube is the world’s first incubator designed to grow the remains of your loved ones into trees.

The Bios Incube has officially launched to the general public and is now available to purchase exclusively on the Bios Urn website. The Bios Incube is a sophisticated and stylish tree incubator which aids in the growth process and comes alongside a complimentary app.  It is the first tree incubator designed for the afterlife.  The Bios Urn and Bios Incube aim to reintroduce man back into the natural cycle of life.This smart incubator allows you to engage with your tree like never before.

The world is running out of burial space, and utilizing sustainable design the Bios Incube seeks to address this relevant problem by providing a real-life solution. The Bios Urn and Bios Incube work in conjunction with one another; the Urn is planted seamlessly into the Bios Incube. Once the Incube is set up, users can monitor the progress of the plant’s growth using an application, which provides advice and maintenance tips. The Incube  is equipped with a built-in self-watering system which is triggered by the sensor attached to soil´s surface. Water is held within the structure of the Incube, then automatically released homogeneously around the seed. The sensors in the Bios Incube detect levels of light exposure, assess electrical conductivity, and monitor moisture and temperature in the atmosphere and soil.

Bios Incube sensor can track soil temperature, humidity, and environment. It also water your tree.

Bios Incube sensor can track soil temperature, humidity, and environment. It also water your tree.


The Bios Incube is intended to serve as a catalyst for life and growth, and its design demonstrates this life-sustaining capability. What we at Bios Urn try to illustrate is that the end can also be the beginning. The Incube is 100% reusable and can be used to plant other living trees or plants, and nurture another Bios Urn. The goal of all of our products is to change the way people think about death by converting the end of life into a transformation and a return to life through nature.

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