Barnraiser, the future of crowdfunding

Here at Urna Bios we love green. Green trees, green tea but especially green ideas. This is exactly what this post is about: an excellent green idea.

Do you know Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Well, they are not alone. The new frontier of crowdfunding is called Barnraiser. This platform aims at raising money for green economy projects putting in contact green innovators with the 41 million Americans who align themselves with health and sustainability. The website was started in September 2014 and so far it seems it works pretty well.

In fact, in comparison with other platforms, Barnraiser has the enormous advantage of allowing the creation of a homogenous community of people who wants sustainable farming and food to be the future. This allows green innovators to get financial help for their project much easier than through other crowdfunding platforms because at Barnraiser their ideas don’t compete with projects belonging to other categories. Besides, there is also a strong social component that characterizes Barnraiser that is fundamental in its success. They present themselves as a place where one can “meet” the green innovators before financing their projects.

Eileen Gordon, Barnraiser founder, confirms this success at “Barnraiser projects are successfully funded 82% of the time”. Now, we just have to wait and see if they will be able to accomplish the ambitious declared mission of the platform: “to put a billion dollars into the hands of food innovators as they reshape a healthy food world”.

As the platform explains, the projects can belong to the most different categories: farms and food hubs, community based projects, artisan, local, farm-to-table, healthy foods, food and farming education and food media. One can decide to finance simple projects like an urban garden or more peculiar ones, like the one by Amigo Bob. He discovered thousands of heirloom fruit and nut trees that were planted during the Gold Rush era of 1850-1900 and he wants to plant an orchard to preserve them and make them available to gardeners and farmers worldwide.

What about you, what green project would you like to see realized? Here at Urnabios we are trying to realize ours: transforming death into life, a very long and green one.

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