Bios Incube, continued growth.

Over the past year our company and our products have gone through a series of changes and evolutions. We started 3 and a half years ago with the humble idea of introducing the Bios Urn to the world, a product we have always deeply believed in, and felt would resonate with others out there, who […]

Cemeteries and the need to evolve.

When Hélène Blondin passed away, her family opted to use a Bios Urn, as they felt it was an appropriate way to remember her after life, and that it would be a beautiful memorial. They wanted to use the Bios Urn in a cemetery in Quebec. Quebec has become increasingly strict on burying urns in […]

Let’s talk about copycats

Dear customers, distributors, retailers, twitter followers, facebook fans, instagram friends, blog readers and lovely strangers who surf the web, Today is Friday, December 2nd, and it is 8pm. Like most Fridays we are still working at Bios Urn headquarters. The reason why we are writing this blog post is not to announce a new product […]

Record-Breaking Supermoon Like This Won’t Come Again Until 2034

On November 14, 2016, people all over the world will be treated to the supermoon of the century. The supermoon that will appear on November 14th is predicted to be so big, that it´s even being hailed as an extra supermoon. While supermoons aren´t entirely uncommon, this full supermoon will be the closest to the […]

The floating forest in Rotterdam

On March 16, 2016 20 floating trees were installed in the Rotterdams historic harbor basin, Rijnhaven. The idea for this floating tree installation was inspired by sculptor Jorge Bakker, and a sculpture he made in the 1970´s which featured trees floating in a small aquarium. The ¨bobbing forest¨, also known as Dobberend, will stay in […]

Apple unveils nature-filled, solar-powered future for its retail stores worldwide.

Apple has been committed to pursuing energy-efficient growth, by increasing resources in renewable energy projects and ventures. They have been committed to reducing their carbon footprint, by using 99% recycled materials for all paper sourced packaging, and have even gone so far as to purchase their own land acreage to create a renewable forest so […]