The Queen Of Trees: Wangari Maathai Risked Her Own Life For Reforestation

Today Bios humbly share the life story of Wangari Maathai. Wangari Maathai was a woman who, through her own sheer strength, beliefs and determination, created a ground-breaking environmental movement called The Green Belt which has since planted millions of trees. She did not tread an easy path to get there. She risked her own life, […]

The Very First Bios Park® Is Open In Canada!

  The “Boisé de Vie” is the very first Bios Park ® in the world. Meaning “Wood Of Life”, this natural burial ground located in Canada is dedicated to the planting of Bios Urns®. This very special garden seeks to offer a new experience to those who wish to use a biodegradable urn that transforms […]

The Importance Of Rituals In Grieving And The Power Of Planting A Tree

Throughout history and across different cultures, there is a wide variety of rituals connected with death and funerals. And, whatever our cultural upbringing may be, there is a basic shared understanding of what a funeral entails: coming together to mourn the deceased at the time of the committal of their body – and to offer […]

The Man Who Got His Government to Limit Funeral Expenses for Coronavirus

This man is called Pepe Jordana. His mother very sadly died of coronavirus in April 2020 in Madrid. “She was wonderful, she was a volunteer in a local nursing home” Pepe explains. But the hardest thing to believe is what happened just after her passing – when the funeral quote arrived. We have had the […]

While Most Of The World Is On Lockdown, Nature Bounces Back

  Many of us around the world are living a very new reality. Whether you are reading this while in lockdown in your home or on your way out somewhere, we are all being affected by this in so many different ways. Our aim at Bios is not to add to an already overloaded media […]

Popular Trees You Can Grow With A Bios Urn® In Asia

  Looking to plant a Bios Urn® in Asia, but you are unsure about which tree to use? We have got you covered.  We will be posting a few posts about tree species compatible in different zones and throughout different parts of the world. In this post, we will be focusing on popular trees in […]

Plant Trees Every Time You Search the Internet!

  You can now plant trees while you search the web! It sounds hard to believe, but a young German entrepreneur made this a reality. Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: they use their profits to plant trees. Find out all about how Ecosia works below!   How Ecosia Works […]

“I Purchased One Each For My Husband And Myself” – Georgie’s Bios Story

More and more people are thinking about what they want after they pass away and choosing things that feel right for them, all the while taking the planet’s needs into consideration. Georgie had those conversations with her husband and children. She hopes for a woodland burial with a Bios Urn®. She is great example of […]

The “(Re)Design Death Exhibition” in Holland Exhibits the Bios Urn® and Bios Incube®

The Cube Design Museum in Holland has just opened it’s new (Re)Design Death exhibition featuring the Bios Urn® and the Bios Incube®.  The exhibition shows contemporary design around saying goodbye, dying, mourning and remembering. Spread over two exhibition rooms, it features fifty current designs, including our two very own Bios® designs, around preparation for death, […]