15 Astounding Facts About Trees

Main image by Imapuzzle It’s hard to overstate the importance of trees. Their debut more than 300 million years ago according to the facts about trees we know of was a turning point for Earth, helping transform its surface into a bustling utopia for land animals. Trees have fed, housed and otherwise nurtured countless creatures […]

Malene´s Fight For Natural Burials After Her Mother Was Tragically Killed

  To introduce myself in a few words, my name is Malene, I live in Copenhagen in Denmark with my daughter Sophie. My son Nicklas just moved out. I am self employed and in my spare time I love writing books, painting abstract paintings, barre training and walks in nature. Nature plays a BIG role […]

8 Good Reasons To Choose Cremation

  Cremation is the process of reducing the human remains to bone fragments. The resulting fragments are pulverized into very fine particles, often called “ashes” or “cremated remains”. Many people choose cremation as a final disposition and they do so for a variety of reasons. In fact, more and more people are opting for cremation […]

When Nature Meets Art: The Umbrella Trees In Singapore

Main image by Choo Yut Shing   There is actually a tree species called “Umbrella Trees”. Officially know as the Schefflera actinophylla, it is native to tropical rainforests and gallery forests in northern and north-eastern coasts of Australia, as well as Java and New Guinea. But these are not the umbrella trees we are talking about. We mean the Umbrella […]

Why Millennials Are Not Afraid To Talk About Death : The “Death Positive” Movement

  Unlike boomers, young people seem to be embracing planning their own funerals in a way that previous generations did not. And this is fueling changes in the death industry. Today we look at why millennials are the “death positive” generation.   Until now, many people in their 20s didn’t plan for their deaths Most […]

Discover The New Colors Of The Bios Incube® Lite and How To Use The Planter

The Bios Incube® Lite is an independent product that allows you to grow a tree using the remains of their loved one, right in your own home. This unique planter is designed to fit all of our urns perfectly and plant them close to you. Both the Bios Urn® and the Bios Urn Pets® work in perfect conjunction […]

Seeds vs. Seedlings With My Bios Urn® : What Is Better?

  All of our tree urns are sold without any seeds because they work with any kind of seed or sapling. No exceptions! By using your own and sourcing it directly yourself, you can therefore choose a tree which is sentimental and meaningful to you. We want to offer every single person the chance to […]

How Does A Bios Urn® Work Without Ashes

Sometimes people wish for their organs to be donated to science, and cremation is not an option. For others, it’s against their faith to be cremated. There are many personal situations in which cremation is not possible, and yet it may be that the person loves the Bios Urn concept and would love to be […]

Why The Bios Urn® Comes Without A Seed

All of our tree urns are sold without any seeds. That is why you are not asked to confirm the seed of choice during the checkout process. We did used to work with a family owned seed company which sources only premium quality trees. However we made the decision to stop selling seeds with our […]

The “Good Death Exhibition” in Poland Exhibits the Bios Urn®

A team of curators, design researchers and producers from Poland reached out to us excited at the prospect of exhibiting the Bios Urn ® in their national exhibition “Good Death”. The exhibition ‘Good Death’ launched on the 4th July 2020 and is part of Gdynia Design Days, one of the biggest Baltic design festivals. Their […]