Is cremation toxic? Setting the record straight!

We are often asked: Is human cremation toxic? It’s a question we have come across within the industry and one that we really wanted to understand when embarking on the Bios Urn® journey. Cremation is a method of final disposition of a dead body through burning (combustion). It may serve as a funeral or post-funeral […]

‘Forest Bathing’ helps deal with stress and insomnia

Have you heard of Forest Bathing? Or let us ask you a different way: Have you ever gone for a walk in nature and come back full of positive energy? Well, you’ve had a ‘forest bath’ perhaps without even realizing it. Carry on reading to find out more …   ‘Forest Bathing’ helps deal with […]

Trees famous for their beautiful fall color

In many countries around the world, Autumn is “leaf season,” nature’s annual color festival. And some trees just stand out with their beautiful fall color. Is it your favorite season? It´s definitely up there for us at Bios Urn®! Environmental factors and the genetic makeup of the trees determine the intensity and times of peak […]

10 Best Documentaries about Saving the Planet you should watch

Not long ago, we wrote an article on the 10 best documentaries about nature.  It was really hard to limit ourselves to ten, because there are so many great documentaries out there! So we decided to write another article about the 10 best documentaries about saving the planet that you should really watch. You may […]

Philippa´s Husband’s Bios Urn Tree Nearly 2 Years On

Do you remember reading Philippa´s Bios Urn tree story? It was one of the very first testimonials we shared on our website and we remember being so touched by it and the beautiful farm that Philippa and her family live on in Australia.  She kindly shared it with us through our client, Soul Trees in […]

Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Autumn?

Seasons are a beautiful natural miracle that occur every year. For many countries around the world, the change from summer to autumn is very noticeable when looking at the trees. But have you ever asked yourself why do leaves change color during autumn? Today at Bios Urn® we are going to take a look at […]

TreeSisters: Inspiring a reforestation revolution

Have you heard of TreeSisters? When we found out about them at Bios®, we had to get involved straight away! Keep on reading to find out more.   Inspiring a Reforestation Revolution TreeSisters is a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of […]

Sun exposure: Does it really matter?

In the world of planting, the words “sun exposure” are used a lot. But really, how important is it for your tree or plant´s health? The modern day trend of planting In today´s world, it is safe to say that there has been a recent craze in the plant scene. Suddenly everyone wants house plants […]