Rhonda Planted Her Mom’s Bios Urn With An Oak Tree In A Backyard

Every few months we check in with our customers community to see how they are doing, and how their Bios Urn is growing. Rhonda Quilantang replied to our email, and shared her Bios Urn journey and her mother’s story. We asked for her permission to share her and her mother´s story with the world, and […]

Planting the Bios Urn in a Forest or Public Space

The Bios Urn can be legally planted on any private property, such as a backyard or garden. If you own a home, or property – planting on it is one of the best places. In another post, we explored different places the Bios Urn can be planted, such as green burial grounds, backyards, unique sites, […]

How Can I Make Sure My Bios Urn Tree Grows?

A tree is a living, breathing thing. It is something which cannot always be controlled, and which should be given careful attention. A common concern about using a Bios Urn is the concern about whether or not the tree will grow. Naturally, this is a founded concern, as planting a Bios Urn is a very […]

People Who Are Changing The World With Trees

Deforestation has affected the entire world, including wildlife, the earth, biodiversity, habitats, and the atmosphere. To counter these devastating effects, there are amazing individuals who have taken initiative to take action and change things. People all over the world have used their power to do good and propel change through simple acts, such as tree-planting. […]

How Technology and Social Media Are Transforming Rituals Around Death

All over the world, people and cultures have come to define death by the traditions that surround them. In Mexico, the popular “Dia De Los Muertos” is a colorful contrast to what’s generally an all-black affair. Other traditions, such as China’s “ghost month”, serve as a reminder that our ancestors are among us, even if […]

How to Use The Bios Urn With Your Own Tree of Choice

Choosing the right tree The Bios Urn works with any kind seed, seedling, or sprout! While we offer a few different seed species to accompany the Bios Urn, it can be used with any kind you have in mind. Some people may want a tree, while others may prefer a small bush or shrub. The […]

Honey Locust: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

The Honey locust Tree is a symbol of beauty, tolerance, and protectio. It’s name comes from the sweet legume found in the trees pods, which serve as a food source for wildlife. Aside from being used by wildlife and animal for food, the sweet legumes were also consumed by Native Americans as a food source. […]

The Fascinating Cultural Trend of “Wish Trees”

What is a Wishing Tree? Trees serve as spiritual teachers of sorts, and both humans and wildlife are attracted to them for the refuge they provide. An interesting thing to consider is how cultures across the world form various traditions related to nature. Take for instance, a wishing tree. A wishing tree is essentially an […]

Redwood: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

Redwoods are trees of immense beauty, and physical stature. Dawn Redwood, also commonly known as “metaseqouia” is a living fossil. In fact, it was believed to be an extinct tree which was known to have lived more than 150 million years ago in the Northern Hemisphere, until once again being found alive in China in […]

How Our Dead Family Pet Became A Tree

Recently, we came across a beautiful post written by Ben Lee entitled “How Our Dead Family Pet Became A Tree.” In this post written by Ben, he details his and his family’s experience of losing their beloved 13 year old Pekingese, and how they handled the process of what came next, especially with their children. […]