In Japan, Shinrin-yoku aka “Forest Bathing” Is a Form of Medicine

Shinrin-yoku. No, it’s not a new hobby but a Japanese word which means “forest bathing”. Japan is a country known for its hard-work employers, but also for its healthy lifestyle (they even have a Health and Sports Day!) Well, shinrinyoku is the practice of walking through a forest and breathing the wood essential oils, which […]

Alkaline Hydrolysis as an alternative of eco-friendly cremation

Since the ancient times, when a loved one left this world, there were several ways to dispose of the body (depending on the region, religion or circumstances): in Ancient Egypt the body of the Pharaohs was embalmed; Vikings put the corpse on a ship in the middle of the sea and lit a fire to […]

The Bios Urn: creating new life after death

Do you want your to feed the squirrels, or help surrounding wildlife? Did you know that trees not only help surrounding environments, but they also help maintain the equilibrium of local ecology and wildlife? Once your beloved has departed and the only memento that remains is ashes, you can throw them into the sea, keep […]

The Origins of the First Ever Decorated Christmas Trees

In the Northern Hemisphere, between 20 and 23 December, the winter solstice occurs. Daylight hours are shorter and night hours are longer. In many cultures these days are seen as a symbol of rebirth and festivals are celebrated in honor of fertility deities or gods. Evergreen trees play a special role as they were seen […]