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Rhonda Planted Her Mom’s Bios Urn With An Oak Tree In A Backyard

Every few months we check in with our customers community to see how they are doing, and how their Bios Urn is growing. Rhonda Quilantang replied to our email, and shared her Bios Urn journey and her mother’s story. We asked for her permission to share her and her mother´s story with the world, and […]

Planting the Bios Urn in a Forest or Public Space

The Bios Urn can be legally planted on any private property, such as a backyard or garden. If you own a home, or property – planting on it is one of the best places. In another post, we explored different places the Bios Urn can be planted, such as green burial grounds, backyards, unique sites, […]

How Can I Make Sure My Bios Urn Tree Grows?

A tree is a living, breathing thing. It is something which cannot always be controlled, and which should be given careful attention. A common concern about using a Bios Urn is the concern about whether or not the tree will grow. Naturally, this is a founded concern, as planting a Bios Urn is a very […]