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How Technology and Social Media Are Transforming Rituals Around Death

All over the world, people and cultures have come to define death by the traditions that surround them. In Mexico, the popular “Dia De Los Muertos” is a colorful contrast to what’s generally an all-black affair. Other traditions, such as China’s “ghost month”, serve as a reminder that our ancestors are among us, even if […]

How to Use The Bios Urn With Your Own Tree of Choice

Choosing the right tree The Bios Urn works with any kind seed, seedling, or sprout! While we offer a few different seed species to accompany the Bios Urn, it can be used with any kind you have in mind. Some people may want a tree, while others may prefer a small bush or shrub. The […]

Honey Locust: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

The Honey locust Tree is a symbol of beauty, tolerance, and protectio. It’s name comes from the sweet legume found in the trees pods, which serve as a food source for wildlife. Aside from being used by wildlife and animal for food, the sweet legumes were also consumed by Native Americans as a food source. […]