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How To Plant The Bios Urn In A Container or Planter

We often receive many emails from individuals all over the world, who love the idea of the Bios Urn but would prefer to have an indoor tree or plant the Bios Urn in a garden planter, due to land restrictions, or because they live in temporary locations. The Bios Urn can be planted in a […]

Tree of Life: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

The Royal Paulownia, also dubbed the “Tree of Life” has a traditional significance in Japan and China, where it is most often planted. During the newborn birth if a child or daughter, a family would plant the Tree of Life in honor of the birth. Once the daughter or child grew and married, the tree […]

Philippa Planted Her Husband’s Bios Urn On Their Farm in Australia

A special story from Australia On a daily basis at Bios Urn, we come across stories which not only touch our hearts, but also touch our souls. Such was the case with Philippa and Mark. Philippa’s special story was shared to us by our Victoria, Australia distributor, Soul Trees. As is often the case, not […]