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`Before I Die´ is a global art wall project that inspires and invites.

“Our public spaces are as profound as we allow them to be.¨- Candy Chang Candy Chang is the artist and creator behind the public initiative ¨Before I die…¨ After losing a close friend to liver failure, Chang spent time contemplating her life and how she would like to live out the remainder of her days. After […]

Pre-planting: The importance of end-of-life planning

Pre-planning, or as we like to call it “Pre-planting” Over the past decade, there has been an increase in overall awareness related to alternative endings. People´s desires and last wishes have changed, and many individuals and families are opting for sustainable options – which is making many cemeteries rethink things. Alongside these changes, there has […]

This Cathedral Is Made Entirely Of Living Trees

Where nature turns to art When you think of a cathedral, you probably think of a building with a stone facade, or something similar. Well, what if we told you that there´s a cathedral made of trees? Italian artist Giuliano Mauri has created and designed a beautiful Tree Cathedral (Cattedrale Vegetale) which now grows in […]

Sumi planted her mother´s Bios Urn with a Bougainvillea tree

Every few months we check in with our customers to see how they are doing, and how their Bios Urn is growing. Sumi replied to one of our recent email´s, and sent us a photo of a beautiful tree. Along side her photo, she stated: ¨This is how amazing it has been. Thank you all…¨ […]

Bios Urn Tree Seeds Information and Planting Guides

The Bios Urn has been used worldwide, and is the first biodegradable urn designed with the specific purpose of growing a tree. The core focus of Bios Urn is to add meaning to this process of life, and return to nature. The Bios urn is composed of 100% recycled materials which are locally sourced, and […]

The Skeleton Trees in the Scorched Desert of Dead Vlei

A Sight To Behold Located inside of the Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia is Dead Vlei. The name Dead Vlei is quite literally translated to mean ¨dead marsh or valley,¨ as it is located in a valley between two high dune peaks. It is found to be situated between the tallest dunes in the world, some […]

Top Ten Popular Trees to Plant in the U.S. with a Bios Urn

We have started doing posts with recommendations for trees for different parts of the world. In our last post, we covered South America. In this post, we will focus on the United States since it is so vast and encompasses so much! The United States has varying hardiness zones, as defined and illustrated by the […]

These Magical Artists Transform Flowers Into Incredible Artworks

Have you heard of flower art? For thousands of years, flowers have been used in various ways and in different cultures. Flowers serve as a muse to artist, who have been inspired by the various shapes and colors they come in. In whatever situation they are placed in, flowers change the scene, and often leave […]

Bios Incube and its double sensor mode will connect to the IoT

Bios Incube Update We are on schedule for our timeline and will begin shipping our units in the next few weeks. We will be shipping in the order we received them on our website. Next week, we ´ll begin contacting individuals who placed an order for the Incube to confirm addresses that were given to […]

Heidi the Great Dane was planted in a Bios Urn with a Cocktail Tree

Heidi was planted in a Bios Urn with a Citrus Cocktail Tree What many people don´t know is that the Bios Urn is not just for people, it´s also for pets. When a pet passes away, it can sometimes be extremely difficult trying to find a way to honor them in a respectful and compassionate […]