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Popular trees you can grow with a Bios Urn in South America

Want to use a Bios Urn in South America, but are unsure about which tree to use? We´ve got you covered.  We´ll be posting a few posts about tree species compatible in different zones and throughout different parts of the world. In this post, we´ll be focusing on  South America, and the best native or […]

Tomáš used a Bios Urn to plant his grandfather into a Mighty Oak tree

Tomáš Ševčík chose to use a Bios Urn for his grandfather, who passed away nearly 14 months ago. His family had no idea what to do after his grandfather passed, until he discovered the Bios Urn and knew it was a perfect fit for him. Tomáš described his grandfather as a spontaneous and impulsive man, […]