Archives for March 2016

We’ve made it! – Kickstarter update #4

After 11 days on Kickstarter, we´ve surpassed our funding goal! The Bios Incube is now 113% funded, meaning that the Bios Incube has now become a reality, and is no longer just a dream for us. We are so excited to start this project, and to bring it to people all over the world. We […]

Introducing the Bios Seed – A virtual will for the Bios Urn

The Bios Seed connects to any device with a working internet connection (mobile, tablet, or computer) and gives you the choice to choose the type of tree you want to be after you die. After choosing the tree you like, you can then share it with your closest companions. The Bios Seed is a tree […]

This week has been awesome – Kickstarter update #2

7 days since we launched and we’ve already passed our halfway mark! We’ve been getting more publication lately, which has been really wonderful. We’ve noticed many comments in regards to how the Bios Incube works, whether it can be used for pets, and if it’s only a single use product. We updated our kickstarter page […]

What an awesome day! – Kickstarter update #1

What an exciting day! After launching our Kickstarter campaign for the Bios Incube yesterday, we´ve managed to make over $24,000 in pledges, which is nearly a third of our overall goal. We want to thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality, and who continues to support us in our endeavors […]