Archives for July 2015

Constance Flannery

Constance Planted Her Bios Urn in her backyard in San Francisco Constance Flannery was married to her husband Owen for 45 years. When Owen passed away in 2014 from a heart attack,  Constance decided to use a Bios Urn to plant his cremated remains. She ultimately ended up choosing a ¨Princess Bush¨ as her plant […]

John Garruto

John Garruto´s mother passed away in 2014, and we had the chance to speak to him in 2015 about his experience using the Bios Urn for his mother. During our conversation from him, we learned that his mother was a woman who spent nearly 13-14 hours outside everyday, and that he really felt like the […]

Isabelle Bolla

Isabelle Bolla used a Bios Urn for her sister after she passed away from stage 4 breast cancer in 2014. ¨I happened to see a post online about the Bios Urn the same week I was deliberating what to do with my sister´s ashes. As soon as I saw it, I just knew it was […]

Cemeteries Weren´t Designed With The Future in Mind

Throughout history, we’ve seen different spaces and buildings designed to allocate the remains of people who passed away. From Egyptians, who designed pyramids to remember and honor the pharaohs and their queens, to the ancient city of Çatalhöyük (Turkey) where people used to bury their beloved under their houses (Check our post about ways of burying in the […]

The E-mail From Bil, the Terminally Ill man that inspired us to do more

The Email that inspired us to do more. Some days ago I received an email as a response to one of our feedback surveys from someone who bought a Bios Urn. His name is Bil and he is living in the north of the United States. When we emailed him we were just asking for […]