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First fully transparent solar cells aim to turn windows into solar panels

What does the adjective transparent mean exactly? And what color are solar cells usually? Transparent usually defines something that is so fine in texture that can be seen through. This word is also used for a material that allows the uninterrupted passage of light. Solar cells are usually of a color between gray and blue. Last year a group […]

Nature reclaims this abandoned Chinese fishing village

China has become one of the biggest industrialized nations of earth. Cities like Shanghai or Beijing are growing while bringing highly urbanized and crowded scenarios. But it was not a long time ago when China was the place for hundreds of small, tiny rural villages. They question is, where have all they gone? Tang Yuhong […]

Petrichor, the smell of rain (VIDEO)

PETRICHOR This word stands for the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry grounds. The word is composed by the combination of two Greek words: petra, that is to say stone, and ichor in Greek mythology the eternal essence that was supposed to be the blood of gods. The term does not date back […]