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This Amazing Cherry Tree Grew on Top of Another Tree

The double tree of Casorzo  A non-parasitic plant that grows on a tree is called an epiphyte. Typically, epiphytes are small and consist of things like mosses, lichens, and ferns, but there are rare instances when they grow much, much larger.  Take, for instance, the Double Tree of Casorzo in Asti,Piemonte, Italy.  This tree is also […]

Some of the Creepiest Forests Found All Over The World

While images of the forest generally invoke a sense of calm and wonder, there are several forests around the world which do the opposite. Forests are nature’s playground, teeming with life in it’s most pure form. While most are beautiful there are some in the world which are thought of or believed to be “haunted.” […]

Maple: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

Symbolism and Origin of the Maple Tree Acer is the scientific name for the Maple tree. The name “Acer” comes from Latin ǎcěr which means “sharp”, making reference to the sharpen tips of its leaves (the leaves of most species are palmated). Maple species are found in the Northern Hemisphere. They are originally from Asia. […]