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This Amazing Tree Grows Over 40 Different Kinds of Fruit.

Sam Van Aken is a sculptor and professor at the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. He has used a wide variety of media to produce his art, with a series of trees among his most recent. One of Van Aken’s most impressive creations is the aptly named Tree of 40 Fruit. […]

Incredible Natural Phenomena Wonders In the World

Nature never ceases to amaze! There are many natural phenomena produced by nature around our planet that are truly wonderful and awe-inspiring. We want to show you some examples of these. Great blue hole The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole (or a blue hole) off the coast of Belize. The hole is circular […]

The Oldest Living Trees in the World Have Survived for Centuries

Trees are not only incredibly beautiful but also sturdy and tough creatures. They survive historical events and climate changes. In some cases, they witness the rise and fall of entire civilizations, surviving for millennia. In this post, we will discover some of the oldest trees on earth. Methuselah If you think at beaches and sun […]